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Part 4: 8 Form Tai Chi Course

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Energize Your Routine with 8 Form Tai Chi

8 Form Tai Chi is a time-honored practice known for its effective fall prevention benefits. Our tailored program is crafted to continue your journey of enhancing the overall strength in your toes, lower body, and upper body through meditative movements, empowering you to live with confidence and balance.

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How We Can Help

We teach people how to perform graceful 8 Form Tai Chi movements through a unique four week course using a hybrid model of online learning and live-streamed group classes with a certified instructor. Our gentle meditative exercises, suitable for seated positions, are customized to meet individual needs.

What You Will Learn In This Course


8 Form Tai Chi

Practice the standing or seated variations of 8 Form Tai Chi for better stability and balance.


Tai Chi Walking

Master the graceful art of walking in 8 Form Tai Chi style to refine your balance and overall well-being.


Tai Chi Vocabulary

Learn the names & correct sequence of the 8 Tai Chi forms to deepen your understanding of this ancient practice.


Key Body Placements

Reveal the secrets to identifying incremental body placements to achieve stable balance.


Form Integrations

Discern how to seamlessly integrate movement from the feet, lower body, and upper body into traditional forms.


Advanced Breathing

Explore effective breath practices that enable smooth transitioning in and out of forms with mindfulness and ease.

Kind Words From Our Wonderful Students

I am intrigued with the fact that our toes make such a significant contribution to balance and motion. Also, I did not realize I had lost some of my ability to use my toes! This new insight brings with it a great challenge to work for improvement.

Judy | Retiree

At age 84 I know how important balance is, so I was surprised to see how important it is for my toes to be strong and flexible.

Janet | Retiree

Since practicing toe strengthening exercises, I’m finding myself often tuning in to whether I am using my toes throughout the day, especially on walks. Thank you, Julie!

Jill | Retiree

Strengthening my toes has given me noticeable improvement in my ability to stand, walk and maintain better balance.

Candace | Retiree

Assess Your Technology Readiness For This Course

Participation in our online courses requires a little bit of technology setup and navigation. Our assessment questions will help you see what technology you can already handle and where you might need a little technical assistance to successfully join our program.

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Can you manage email reminders to stay on schedule with the class?

Communication via email is an essential aspect of engagement with our courses. We routinely email course content updates, Zoom meeting invitations, and responses to support requests.

Can you whitelist an email?

Whitelisting our Everyday Brain Fitness emails will guarantee that your computer identifies our messages as secure rather than spam, allowing you to successfully receive all of our communications.

Are you set up to operate Zoom with ease?

For the live online portions of our course, you must be able to join a Zoom web conferencing meeting with video and audio turned on.

Do you have a Zoom compatible microphone?

Our live classes encourage active engagement with the class instructor and the other participants. You must have the ability to mute/unmute your microphone and adjust volume settings in Zoom without assistance from the instructor during live sessions.

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Can your camera effectively show your full body on Zoom?

During live classes on Zoom, your camera must be able to capture a full view of your seated body, including your feet, so that the class instructor can observe your movements and provide personalized feedback. Likewise, you must also be able to see the instructor’s movements so that you can mimic demonstrated exercises.  Aim for a setup resembling a 6-foot distance from the instructor for optimal engagement. User devices integrated with a smart TV offer an exceptional viewing experience.

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Pro Tip

Not sure how how to navigate some or even all of this technology?

Enlist a tech-savvy family member, friend, or hired guru to assist you with your setup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to help seniors enhance their foot and toe strength, improve balance, and increase overall mobility through targeted exercises and techniques specifically focusing on toe muscles and alignment.

What if I am unsure about handling the technology required for this course?

Consider enlisting a tech-savvy family member, friend, or hired guru to assist you with your setup.

Will I get personal feedback on my work in this group course?

Yes! The certified class instructor will personally review and comment on all posted work.

How will I remember what I was shown in the live group class in order to practice?

The group exercises are broken into individual recordings to watch as often as needed while practicing.

What happens if I miss class?

No worries! The classes are recorded, so you can catch up on the basic material and get your individualized assistance during the next live class.

Can I share the exercise videos & links with my spouse and friends?

No! Please do not share our videos and links with others. The biggest value of this program lies in how the certified class instructor observes each participant and offers customized alterations of the exercises as needed. This observation is particularly important for people who may be at high fall risk. It is why we hold live classes instead of simply offering a digital download of the exercises.

What is your refund policy?

Due to our small class sizes and the individualized attention provided, we do not offer refunds. When you register, you are securing a spot that could otherwise have been filled by another participant so we appreciate your commitment to your enrollment.

Upper body Tai Chi exercise

8 Form Tai Chi Course

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Livestreams on Wednesdays at 11 am PST



4 Weekly live-streamed group classes with Q&A led by a certified instructor


Customization of exercises by a certified instructor as needed


16 recorded exercises


Livestream recordings


Access to certified instructor via secure online platform


30 day access to all course content beyond the last live class date

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